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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions:

Alice Beyond Wonderland Mask Puzzle Solution


  • The Crimson face, nose and hair to the left
  • The sad face to the left in front of clean face
  • Mo mask of the same materials togheter

Hello guys some players found the piano puzzle in the ghost town to be a little too complicated for non piano players (our bad) we are fixing the puzzle in the next update in the meantime here is the solution - Play the keys in this order from left to right 112243111 this is equal to DO-DO-RE-RE-FA-MI-DO-DO-DO
, we apologize for this design flaw:) (by the way you can  watch the solution in the trailer below)

PC-MAC How to open the reed queen castle gate in the no multitouch version of Alice Trapped in Wonderland

IMPORTANT this is the PC/MAC solution only

The Lost Fountain

Question:  I have seen the hut bars code, why I can't open the door?


Answer:   It only works if you actually have seen the code and had it painted in your journal like below  (you need to tap the carving in the wall to paint it it in your journal) we will improve this issue in the next update!

Question:  Solve the suns/colored tiles puzzle to get to the red lock?


Answer:  Arrange the sun tiles in the following order:

Question:  How to solve the water pipes puzzles?


Answer:  Arrange the pipes in the following order


Need a detailed step by step guide on how to beat The Lost Fountain game?


Visit our friends at

they have an amazing  walkthrough.

(currently work in progress)


Follow the link below:

Good Luck!

Alice Trapped in Wonderland

Question: I Can not solve the Magic drawers puzzle on the rabbits House, How can I solve it?


Answer: To solve the puzzle and get the key you need to open the drawers in this exact order: SECOND - FOURTH - THIRD - FIRST. 


Question: I can not solve the spinning dials puzzle in the white castle doors , can it skip it?


Answer:  Yes (on Kindle/Amazon) an skip button has been added on the most recent update, you can skip it now, or if you prefer you still can  try to solve it, start with the fastest one and just try to tap them a little bit in advance.


If you still can not skip the puzzle in Kindle/Amazon YOU MUST UPDATE YOUR GAME 


Question: Why I Can not take the yellow diamond on the Jabberswocky cavern?


Anwer: To take the yellow diamond you need to actually "shake" your device to make the cavern "rumble" enought to make the diamond fall and be able to take it from the ground.


FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions: The Mystery of the Crimson Manor


Question: Why I can not use the showel dig near the lions fountain in the gardens? why my showel is not working?



The showel will only work if you had solved the davinci/cheerleaders puzzle first to reveal the treasure map, if you have not seen where to dig in the map the showel will not work.

Map Puzzle Solution!

Barrel Puzzle solution! 

Map Puzzle Solution



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The pricing of the application on each platform depends on the development costs, the number of customers and the policies of each marketplace. We do our best to provide our products on each device and market at an affordable price.

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It is our goal to get games or apps to all relevant devices out there. We are constantly looking into opportunities to bring our products to new platforms, but cannot give out release dates or future plans at this moment.

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At the moment this is not possible. We will provide a solution to do this in the future.

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