Devlog 04 - Characters - Cyber Sentinels
Devlog · 30 April 2023
We're excited to share with you a sneak peek into the future of enemy design in our cyberpunk-themed survival horror game. Our development team has been hard at work creating unique adversaries that will challenge players in new and dynamic ways. Today, we unveil two groundbreaking additions to our roster of foes: the Cyber Samurai and the Cyber Geisha.

Devlog 03 - World Building - City Exteriors
Devlog · 31 March 2023
We're thrilled to share a significant milestone in the development journey of our game. Our team has been tirelessly working behind the scenes, and we're now ready to unveil the creation of hundreds of detailed 3D models that are set to bring the eerie and suspense-filled world of our game to life.

Devlog 02 - Characters - Cyborg Zombies
Devlog · 28 February 2023
The first entry of the Monthly Devlog of "Project SM" our upcoming cyberpunk survival horror game. This time we want to share with you the creative process to create our first two Cyborg Zombies enemy, The Defier of Zion and The Hexa Crawler.

Devlog 01 - World Building - PCs
Devlog · 31 January 2023
We're designing diverse 3D computer props for our cyberpunk game, blending futuristic and retro styles. Highlights include a tribute to the Xerox Alto, showcasing our dedication to authenticity and rich world-building. Stay tuned for more updates!