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The Lost Fountain - Our new game is Available Now on Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Kindle Devices!

NOOK App : The Lost Fountain

Discover the amazing secrets hidden in the mysterious lost island, home to the mythical fountain of youth. Explore this incredible and breathtaking landscape while solving the mysteries of a lost and ancient civilization. All this and more in the best point and click adventure game available for mobile devices.


You grew up listening tales about your father, the famous and world renowned archaeologist Karl Freeman, to whom the greatest and most important archaeological discoveries are attributed throughout history. However, you never met him. He disappeared in the last of his expeditions, while investigating the origin of a legend regarding a mythical and mysterious fountain with marvelous healing powers for the sick. Today we know it as the “Fountain of Eternal Youth”, which is said to be hidden in an uncharted lost island.

Now, as a young and restless person, you can feel your ancestor's call, inviting you to investigate what could have happened in that mysterious, and faraway island.

Equipped with only your grandfather’s old cartographic drawings, you decide to venture and head out toward an uncertain, but wonderful journey in search of your father.


  • Amazing & attractive High-resolution graphics.
  • Hours of addictive entertainment.
  • Fun, innovative, and clever puzzles.
  • Tons of different environments to discover & explore.
  • An original, interactive, and unique deep & catching  story.
  • Excellent puzzle, level, and game design.
  • Multiple languages, auto-saving and much more...
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Alice Trapped in Wonderland our new Point and Click Adventure is Available now on your favorite device!

Get it now on Android!
Get it now on Android!
Download now for iPhone/iPod/iPad
Download now for iPhone/iPod/iPad

Get if for Kindle Fire and Android
Get if for Kindle Fire and Android
NOOK App : Alice Trapped in Wonderland

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New Game - Alice Trapped in Wonderland! Coming Soon to your favorite Mobile Device!

Discover & solve the amazing secrets inside the extraordinary Wonderland, explore this incredible and shocking world while solving the most emblematic puzzles and reveal all the exciting secrets in the best point and click adventure game available for mobile devices. 


+ Amazing & attractive graphics. 
+ A deep & catching story. 
+ Hours of addictive entertainment. 
+ Incredible funny and witty puzzles. 
+ Many different surroundings to discover & explore. 
+ Excellent design of the game levels and puzzles. 
+ High-resolution graphics optimized for Retina Iphone/Ipad 
+ Multiple languages, auto save and much more... 


Many years have passed since you, Alice Liddel, dreamed about a land full of wonderful and amazing things. 

You don’t remember almost anything about the last time you visited it...And just now you receive a mysterious letter that says: 

"Dear Alice meet me at the old tree where you first saw me, your presence is frabjously important." White Rabbit. 

When you read those words, all those extraordinary dreams and fantasies got back to your imagination, which filled up your mind when you were just a little girl, but it also makes you think about... 

“Dreams don’t send mail... do they?” 

Worried by the curiosity that you felt when you were child, you decide to go and meet the rabbit. 

You came to the right place but you don’t see the rabbit anywhere, in fact you realized that you couldn’t even see him, when he was right in front of you. 

Everything seems so strange but the exciting curiosity, just like the one you used to have when you were a child, forces you to continue. 

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The Mystery of the Crimson Manor

NOOK App : The Mystery of Crimson Manor


Discover and solve the surprising secret behind the mysterious crimson manor.

Explore the old mansion and its surroundings, solving puzzles and discovering its many intriguing secrets, in one of the best adventure games made for iPhone, iPad & android.

In the mystery of the crimson  manor you will find:

Amazing and beatifuel graphics.
Engaging and deep storyline.
Fun and addictive gameplay.

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